Pies stuck around throughout the 1920s, culminating in the aforementioned Battle of the Century. With over 3,000 pies reportedly flung, Battle of the Century still holds the claim of the most pies ever used in a single fight. But until the second reel's discovery, this is how Battle ended with: "The cop gets a pie in his face, and the film ends with him chasing Stan and Ollie down the street."

Aside from Laurel and Hardy, no other comedy team became as ubiquitous with pie fights as The Three Stooges. The infamous trio, who between 1930 and 1960 made 220 films, leaned heavily on the pie, naming no fewer than two of their films after the pastry, including Pies and Guys and In the Sweet Pie and Pie. They even remade movies that had pie in the title; however, the 1925 remake of Mack Sennet's The Great Pie Mystery, re-titled Spook Louder, is not considered one of the Stooges prouder moments. The film features Larry, Moe, and Curly attempting to control a mysterious machine that throws pies out of thin air. A good idea is a good idea forever.

Artists bleed for the craft, and pie practitioners were no different. According to TV.com, The Stooges' Larry Fine recalled: "Sometimes we would run out of pies, so the prop man would sweep up the pie goop off the floor, complete with nails, splinters, and tacks. Another problem was pretending you didn't know a pie was coming your way. To solve this, Jules would tell me 'Now Larry, Moe is going to smack you with a pie on the count of three.' Then Jules would tell Moe, 'Hit Larry on the count of two!' So when it came time to count, I never got to three, because Moe crowned me with a pie!"

Between the Stooges and Laurel and Hardy the bar had been raised, and everyone from The Little Rascals, formerly known as Our Gang, to Bugs Bunny threw pies. The 1930 Little Rascals short Shivering Shakespeare sees the kids performing a play, which devolves into a bunch of adults pelting children with desserts and vice versa.