Regular Flavorwire readers will know that we’ve had great fun over the last year or so surveying the most beautiful examples of some of our favorite places to spend time — libraries, bookshops, coffee shops, and various others. But now we’re setting ourselves a real challenge, and tracking down some examples of an institution that doesn’t necessarily spring to mind when you use the word “beautiful”: the humble record store. The thought of record shopping more often invokes images of teetering crates of vinyl than it does architectural elegance, but that isn’t always the case. Click on through for some of the most beautiful record stores in the world.

Rough Trade East – London, UK

Rough Trade is a success story for record stores in the 21st century, a shop that shows you can make a go of selling actual physical records so long as you know your niche and your audience. The original Rough Trade is in west London, but it’s their flagship store in Brick Lane — opened in 2007 amongst dire predictions about the death of records and the music industry in general — on the other side of the city that’s a particularly pretty piece of architecture, all glass and open space.