Since its invention in 1974, the cube has captured the minds and hearts of people all over the world. But not much has really changed since. 

But now, we completely re-engineered the iconic puzzle toy- we've updated the classic cube into a modern super-puzzle with brains that does it all and answers it all. Plus, it introduces a whole new way to battle. 

Whether learning, improving, battling or playing, the GoCube app takes your cubing to the next level. And it'll be readily available and free on iOS and Android.  

In addition to all the other cool features, GoCube is also what's known as a 'Speed Cube'. 

What that means is that instead of the usual clunky slow cubes that get stuck a lot, GoCube has implemented mechanisms that enable it to be FAST and SMOOTH.

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You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.
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GoCube is a product of tireless engineering and tweaking by Particula, a company focusing on developing Smart Toys and products. In the last years, we've developed, manufactured and sold a number of smart connected toys all over the world. Toys and devices powered by sensors, processing capabilities, ultra-low power and wireless connectivity. 

While often difficult to the point of seeming impossible, it was only a matter of time before this group of magic-obsessed problem solvers figured out a way to solve one of the most challenging problems we encountered: how to effectively fit a world of technology into a standard size rotating cube. And making it all affordable. 

And after many long months of trying different setups, finalizing designs, and testing, we couldn't be any prouder to make GoCube available to anyone anywhere.

International Backers: We will ship GoCube worldwide via trackable post. Please note that you may be responsible for duties, handling, fees and taxes applicable to your region, for more info check the FAQ


                      Tross is a data-driven crowdfunding company 


While there are always risks & challenges with creating and delivering a brand new product, we've minimized both by having the entire process, from production to delivery, already set and arranged.

We have already signed agreements with key suppliers and manufacturers, and our prototype has been finalized. We have the required technical expertise when it comes to the Smart Toys market. In the last four years, our efforts have been focused on developing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of smart connected toys worldwide. We've got some experience under our belts.

All of this, along with our strategic partnerships with experienced crowdfunding and fulfillment experts, leaves little room for error and ensures a very quick delivery.

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