May 22, 2014

For whatever reason, people seem to love maps of the most or least popular things in various states. For example, in the past year we've seen each state's favorite band, least favorite bands, baby names, and how long each state has sex all go viral. And now we have yet another map: Estately mined Google Trends for the top search terms for each state. They're pretty depressing.

And though it's a little pointless to assign too much meaning to what a population of people within fairly arbitrary borders search for, it does give one a rough sense of the anxieties of different regions. For example, people in Alabama search for just "God" (were they feeling lucky?), all of Texas might have herpes, a lot of white dudes in Connecticut are just discovering hip hop, and all of Georgia is getting a new butt. Good for them.

Check out the map below, and view the full list of top searches for each state over at Estately.

google search map2 585x418 The top Google searches for each state are depressing