U.S. and Canadian authorities are rightfully spooked following a plane crash in Ontario, Canada on Sunday night. What's got them shook? There's absolutely no trace than anybody actually went down with the plane, sparking one of the weirdest mysteries of the year so far.

The alleged "ghost plane" was a rented Cessna 172 based out of Michigan, which went down into the snow near the north shore of Lake Superior around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday night near Marathon, Ontario, according to AVweb.com.

The spooky part is that local police reported no sign of a pilot at the crash site. There were no footprints or tracks of any kind in the snow and the crashed plane was empty. Evidently it had crashed after running out of fuel while on autopilot, which was still engaged in the wreckage.

According to wawa-news.com, the final flight plan was set to be from Ann Arbour to Harbour Springs, Michigan, but the plane overshot and ended up in Canada. The Ontario Provincial Police claims the crash is now part of a missing persons case being investigated by the University of Michigan Police Department.

The distance of 407 nautical miles from Ann Arbour to the crash site is just under the 440 nautical mile range of the aircraft. So what exactly is up? Did nobody notice this little plane making a major detour over the lake on radar? Did somebody actually jump out over Lake Superior in March?

All we know for sure is a damn plane crashed with nobody in it. You can't explain that.