In the shadow of Orlando's violence this past weekend, it's impossible to watch John Southworth's music video for "Loving You" without a good measure of heartache, sadness, and anger. There's no tragedy, murder, or bigotry in the clip for the U.K. songwriter's tune. In fact, quite the opposite: it's just a regular couple in love doing regular couple things, like strolling around the city, hanging out at home, and yes, going to a nightclub.

The couple's dedication to each other is brilliantly depicted through one of the men's application for refugee status and the other's steadfast presence, emotionally and literally, as the papers are handed in at the video's end. If the video's original intention was to counter anti-refugee rhetoric with a stirring portrait of humanity, it's succeeded there, and in so many other ways as well. John Southworth's Niagara is out now via Tin Angel.