Last Friday, Thom Yorke released a new album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, through what he called "an experiment" via BitTorrent bundle. In the statement that announced the album, (which was a surprise that harkened to Beyoncé's sudden album drop at the end of last year,) Thom Yorke said: "If it works well it could be an effective way of handing some control of Internet commerce back to the people who are creating the work." He also called his BitTorrent bundle "a self-contained embeddable shop front".

Today, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes has been downloaded over 1 million times. This number includes free downloads of the single and video for "A Brain in a Bottle" as well as paid downloads of the entire album.

Tomorrow's Modern Boxes can be downloaded here.

Watch the video that accompanied Thom Yorke's "A Brain in A Bottle":