Twitch is the biggest name around when it comes to broadcasting live streams of video games, but Twitch's dominance hits a hard stop right there. Now, Twitch appears to be considering ways that it could begin to branch out, and it's starting by hosting a free broadcast of a concert from house musician Steve Aoki. That's a big change for Twitch, which generally requires that streams are dedicated to video games. It doesn't appear that Twitch is about to open up to musicians or other non-gaming broadcasts just yet though — it still says that it's asking for feedback on what it's doing.

The Aoki concert will begin on his Twitch page tonight at 10PM ET. Twitch doesn't say if there'll be more concerts to follow, but it's apparently seen some interest from the music industry in using its platform. Concert streaming services have come and gone in the past though, so it makes sense for Twitch to step into it slowly. Fortunately for Twitch, it already has a large community, and that community is apparently looking for shows. Twitch says that part of the reason that it's testing the waters with this Aoki concert is because a recent poll of its users found that 80 percent said they were interested in watching live concerts.