Earlier this week, we reported that the iPhone 5 (codenamed N42) will share the stage with a string of new iPod announcements on September 12th. At that time, we believed Apple would introduce two-to-three iPod refreshes next week, and now, we’ve received some more information on the matter. Based on the information we’ve received, Apple will be introducing a tweaked iPod shuffle, new iPod nano, and new iPod touches.

iPod shuffle:

According to our sources, a new iPod shuffle will be announced next week at or around the current $49 price point. We’re currently unsure of capacity. We’re also told that the changes to this new iPod shuffle will not be major changes. We’re also told that the new iPod shuffle will come in eight colors. That is up from the current line of five iPod shuffle colors.

iPod nano:

A new iPod nano is also said to be announced next week, but we’re currently unsure of technical specifics. The new iPod nano is said to have a completely new codename from last year’s model, which may point to some design and internal changes. Last year’s iPod nano update had the same design as the 2010 model, and its codename was the same as the 2010 iPod nano codename plus an “A.”

A taller iPod nano with WiFi has been rumored. ^

This new iPod nano, like the Shuffle, will come in eight colors. It appears that Apple may only have the higher-priced, higher configuration iPod nano this year. The current high-end of the iPod nano line is a 16GB player for $169. The price and capacity for this year’s model is still unconfirmed, though, but the price will likely not differ by much, if at all.

iPod touch:

The new iPod touch line situation appears much more interesting than the new iPod nano and iPod shuffle lines. The current iPod touch line features three prices and capacities all with the 2010, fourth-generation design. For this year, though, we’re hearing that Apple will retain the fourth generation design for the entry-level iPod touch configuration, and redesign the two higher priced models.

This new entry level configuration is said to be tweaked. We’re not sure what this tweak refers to, but we speculate that it has to do with a either (or a combination of) a smaller dock connector, new packaging/iOS 6 pre-installed, or a bump in the base storage capacity configuration.

We’ve also received information that points to new iPods at $299 and $399 price points. We believe these to be redesigned versions of the two top iPod touch models. Though, we’re not sure if the current 32GB and 64GB capacities will actually be the same in the late-2012 models.

We’re also told that these new $299 and $399 iPod models (which we assume are new iPod touches) will come in multiple variations. Perhaps, for the first time, the new iPod touches will come in various colors, but that’s just what we’re inferring, not confirming.

These all appear to be set for launch in less than a week.

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