WhiSki Poles are high-quality, high-performance collapsible ski poles with integrated flasks for post-slope sips and stash handles to keep your essential small belongings safe & accessible when shredding pow.

From the mountains to the hot tub, WhiSki Poles are designed to ensure you have everything you need for the ultimate skiing & après experience!

Enjoy a post-ski drink, or simply skip the slopes and embrace the après ski life! 

A great gift for those people who are impossible to shop for!  We guarantee you they don't have this!

WhiSki Poles will ship before the end of January 2019, but don't let that deter you from giving a WhiSki Pole License for Christmas!  When you back us on Kickstarter you are guaranteed to be the first orders out the door!  You can click here to print the WhiSki Pole License (PDF in new window) as a placeholder gift certificate until the perfect gift has time to arrive to that lucky someone.  We promise he or she won't be upset once these arrive!

Check out the clip below to see for yourself! 

Ever wanted to carry a flask with you while you're out on the mountain? If you've tried, you realize just how difficult it is to rummage through your pockets and navigate the cap with your bulky ski gloves.  With WhiSki Poles, you don't have to worry because your poles are always with you and our caps are designed for easy glove access. Now you can get right to partying when you're done with the slopes

WhiSki Poles 2.0 is one helluva flask. We didn't just add this functionality on a whim. We made sure every aspect of the integrated is the highest quality and complies with the necessary FDA and NSF/ANSI 61 standards and passes the ISO 7331 ski pole standards. This not only means WhiSki Poles is completely safe to drink from, but always ready to get your post-slopes party going.

To fill it, simply open up the cap, pour in your liquid, close the cap and you're all set. 

We understand how challenging it can be to unscrew a cap with gloves. With WhiSki Poles, it's a piece of cake. No matter what kind of gloves you use, you'll always have access to your fill.

We made sure to make the cap large and easy to handle. We added ridge lines on the caps to ensure your gloves get a good grip no matter how much snow is caked on your poles. 

There is also a cap strap to ensure the cap stays with your pole at all times!

 WhiSki Poles also comes with its very own collapsible funnel for easy pouring

You carry lots of precious cargo that can be easily broken or lost when ripping around the mountain.  Stash Handles allows you to stash your small essentials inside the handles of your WhiSki Poles! 

Stash Handles not only keeps your precious cargo dry, but also protects your goodies from those rough tumbles and reduces the need to dig around your pockets for your smaller items.  

WhiSki Poles 2.0 are high-quality performance ski poles. We did our research and didn't cut corners when it came down to the engineering and design of the poles.  Don't be fooled by the novelty of the flask, these are real life ski sticks that will get you through any mogul run!

As skiers ourselves, we know first hand that quality is important. That's why we partnered with a top-tier ski pole manufacturer. Our manufacturer is known to produce poles for some of the biggest names in the industry.

In order to ensure absolute superior performance, we made our poles out of ALU7075 anodized aircraft grade aluminum – allowing them to be as durable and light as possible.

Our poles are stable, lightweight, durable and robust. You'll be shredding the gnar like no tomorrow. Let it rip!

We specifically designed our handles to be ergonomic, comfortable, and easy-to-grip. Whatever hand holds you prefer, you'll have a sure grip on your WhiSki Poles!

And in case you start tumbling before the party begins, our high-strength security straps will keep your WhiSki Poles by your side.  Be sure not to sell your poles at the next #YardSale!

The best part about WhiSki Poles 2.0 is that it's collapsible – making it a one-size-fits-most product. No matter if you're shredding the resort, backcountry or park, these poles will keep you upright and moving forward.

Our locking system allows for quick and secure adjustments in a flash and keeps your height fixed snugly in place when you're slamming the slopes.

The pole ranges from 36" all the way to 54".

WhiSki Poles comes with  optional powder baskets. The baskets can be easily removed and switched for different conditions or if they need to be replaced.  You will have the option to add powder baskets at the conclusion of the campaign when the backer survey goes out (~$10).

Stainless steel means our tips are precise and reliable. No matter the terrain, you'll have a solid grip on the ground. Watch out for eye-balls if you're raising a flask…

WhiSki Poles is a must-have for any adult skier. Anyone who loves the après ski culture will surely find that these bad boys take the experience to the next level. Nothing's better than sharing a few drinks with friends while swapping crazy stories from the slopes. 

Bar tabs rack up rather quickly. WhiSki Poles keep your wallet in check while upgrading your party! No need to take out a loan to enjoy the après life.

The creators of WhiSki Poles are also proud to bring you the Official SHOTSKI Kit! Build a SHOTSKI in seconds! Installs on any flat surface, and fully removable so it can be used to your everyday gear. Even installs on snowboards!

You've taken a million SHOTSKI shots and finally decided to build your own...except it's a pain! With the Official SHOTSKI Kit there is no more drilling holes, or gluing brackets.

The shot glasses are also removable so it can be used on your everyday gear. Never sacrifice another ski again! Snowboarder friendly (can't we all just be friends?!) 

Every ski trip needs at least one pair of WhiSki Poles. Best party trick around, guaranteed. Always a power move 🙂  

Skiing is an amazing sport full of adrenaline, fresh air, and friends. WhiSki Poles allows you to take all of that to the next level and maximize your ski experience. 

The next time you're flying down a snow covered mountain, make sure you have a pair of WhiSki Poles so you can celebrate a successful day out on the slopes. 

Shipping will be charged after the campaign in the post-campaign survey.  We agree – shipping stinks!  Shipping ski poles is even less ideal due to the long size which cost even more :(.  We are negotiating bulk shipping rates with many brokers for better rates.  Current estimated rates are below (including duties). 

  • Shipping charges outlined above are estimates, final shipping charges will appear on the post-campaign survey and may vary slightly (lower/higher) from these estimates.
  • SHOTSKI Kits will ship for free with any set of poles.
  • Shipping INCLUDES all sales tax, duties, GST and VAT.  We are shipping DDP (Duties Delivered Paid). For example, duties + taxes alone are ~$12 for one set of poles to Canada.
  • US shipping estimates apply to the lower 48 contiguous states only.
  • Alaska/Hawaii shipping is charged at the "Canada" rate.
  • If your country is not listed, please contact us directly and we will quote shipping to your country.
  • If you'd like to use your own shipping account, we'll try to honor your request. Please email us prior to filling out the backer survey and we will align on the details.
  • The estimated dimensions of each set of poles in the box with all accessories are:  2.25lbs, 42″x4″x3″ (LxWxH).  Poles will be shipping from Chicago, IL 60610 USA.

WhiSki Poles are meant for skiing or drinking, not both at the same time. Skiing is fun, but never ski above your skill level. Never ski intoxicated! WhiSki Poles LLC strongly discourages consuming alcohol and skiing. Skiing and alcohol consumption can cause bodily injury, or even death. Always be safe on the slopes and follow all rules of the mountain. By purchasing WhiSki Poles you are agreeing to not hold WhiSki Poles LLC liable for any injuries resulting from use of our poles and the terms and conditions found here.

We've already paid for engineering costs and product tooling, but we need to ensure our manufacturing partners that there are people who want this and are willing help us continue the relationship and journey. We're asking for your help and support to keep WhiSki Poles here and continue production.

The WhiSki Pole team has launched (and delivered on time!) multiple other Kickstarter campaigns. We have over 8 years of manufacturing and engineering experience in product development, manufacturing, and supply chain. The founder has developed many trusted manufacturing partnerships with factories all over the world and has custom manufactured over $100MM+ in electronics and hard goods over the past few years.

The risks are minimal because all the hard work already put into the product development and testing phases. All engineering and tooling (molds) have been completed. Final "golden samples" have been delivered and we've already met all necessary safety standards.  We've already selected a fulfillment warehouse — we're ready to launch round 2!!

Thank you so much for all your support.