Latest Book: Lockstep


"Episode VII should be called Star Wars: Revolt of the Droids, and be about a slave rebellion by the droids who, after all, appear to be conscious beings but have no rights in either the Republic or the Empire. In this retelling of Spartacus, a battle droid begins removing the restraining bolts from other droids after his own is shot off, and together they form a vast force.

"They are destroyed by New Republic forces in the end, because of internal divisions between those droids that wish to escape from the galaxy and form their own civilization elsewhere, and those who believe that their mission is to free all enslaved sentients in the galaxy. In the course of the rebellion, the existing human and alien characters from the previous movies have to make a moral choice, and since those who were previously the heroes were also unashamed slave-owners, they (meaning Luke, Leia, and Han) side with the New Republic to put down the revolt, while Han and Leia's children side with the droids and end up killed in the end."