Marcel Fernandes Filho, a 16 year old in Brazil, recently broke the Guinness world record for speed texting. He was discovered and brought to New York for testing by a representatives from a keyboard app called Fleksy. The testing is done by timing how long it takes to type out a specific sentence.

I wanted to see what it was like to text with a champion texter. Since he was in Brazil, we decided to use WhatsApp to communicate instead of regular text.

Quick backstory: Unfortunately, I had turned off the notifications for WhatsApp because I rarely use it, but it kept giving me a red notification number about some random Facebook friend joining. What this meant was that I started messaging with Marcel on Monday evening, and the conversation took until sometime today (Thursday) to finish, because I wouldn't see he had responded to my last question.

So here is the world's slowest text conversation with the world's fastest texter: