Vietnamese site Tinhte, which has a good record of procuring pre-release Apple products,  has what they purport to be the headphones that will come with the new iPhone next month.  The current iOS device headphones have remained largely unchanged since the launch of the original iPhone and many complain they fit poorly or fall out often (guilty!).  Apple also makes in-ear headphones which many consider over-priced and under performing (also guilty!).

Here are some stills from the video above including the comparison to current iPhone headsets and the tell=tale “Designed in California, Made in Viet Nam” written along the cable:

If the accessory in the video above turns out to be legit, it would certainly indicate Apple is making some improvements…or at least trying to.

Apple’s new iPhone also seems certain to have the 3.5mm headphone slot moved to the bottom like the iPod touch.

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