Help me make the biggest dick drawing ever

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I just graduated college and I have no job. Let's bring it back to the goals of my youth. I want to make the world's biggest dick drawing. With your help, I will be able to create a wonderful (and long) drawing of the male anatomy. This is both a personal project rooted in my childhood dreams, as well as a collaborate project to spread awareness and understanding of our bodies. We didn't grow up drawing dicks out of nowhere. It was fun, it was funny. It's still fun and it's still funny. Whether it is a terrible sketch on a bar napkin or a beautiful painting on a canvas; a dick drawing is a dick drawing. Seeing an abstract dick by Picasso in a museum is just as funny as drawing one for yourself in the condensation of a car window. Let's impress Guinness with the World's Biggest Dick Drawing. Project WBDD is officially on the rise!


The pledges for this art project will directly dictate the outcome of the dick drawing. Every dollar will add an inch to the drawing. The inches will be accumulated and drawn on high quality paper, then the paper will be spread out to form the dick drawing. This forming of the dick drawing will most likely take place outside wherever a large surface area is available. The goal is set at 100 inches (which would probably be a record breaking dick drawing) but I will draw this thing as many inches as the pledges expect me to. Every pledge will have their name attributed to their inch and all pledges will be listed in a huge thank you letter. Let's see who is willing to make this drawing erect to massive proportions!


It's everyone's dream to see a huge dick drawing. For scientific purposes or otherwise.


Once funding is complete the entire dick drawing project will be documented and hopefully DVDs can be made to thank everyone on video, and so you and your kids can someday watch the history you helped make!

If the dick drawing is successful enough, we can probably get some sort of recognition from Guinness (hopefully a plaque with a dick engraving).


Dickstarter Promo Shirt: *Adds five inches to drawing* (only five available)

Dickstarter Private's Shirt: *Adds five inches to drawing* (only thirty available)

Dickstarter General's Shirt: *Adds ten inches to drawing* (only thirty available)


I'm accepting everyone's own personal dick drawings (for another project in the future or after the Dickstarter has ended) and would love if you submitted yours! The rules about these submissions can be found here or under the update page. Submissions can be sent to [email protected]

Risks and challenges
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Maybe the dick drawing will be too small and won't be crowned the "World's Biggest Dick Drawing" but that won't stop me.

Maybe nobody will pledge to get balls, a head, pubes or veins added to the dick drawing and it'll end up looking deformed. Who cares! All dick drawings are different.

There are many risks and challenges when it comes to pioneering something fresh in a tried and true art form, but there's always room to grow in the genre of dick drawing.