(Photo: MSN)

(Photo: MSN)

You know how some people (like, hypothetically) eat their way through vacation? A little pasta in Rome, some cheese in Paris, barbecue in the South. A new pop-up hotel that recently opened in London is taking that concept quite literally, creating hotel rooms made entirely out of edible goods.

You might want to leave your Nike Fuelband at home for this one.

The Daily Mail reports that the hotel contains over 100 pieces of edible “art,” including windowsills made out of fudge, a cake carpet, a bathtub full of caramel popcorn and edible sugar flower arrangements.

Created by sugar company Tate & Lyle Sugars, each room had a different theme: the Pirates of the Caribbean room had a treasure chest full of candy; a Mayan-themed room had a Mayan temple made of fudge; the Guyanese room had a giant seat turtle cake.

This is the stuff dreams are made of. U mad, Willy Wonka?

Jessica Roy is a reporter for Betabeat and the New York Observer. Follow Jessica on Twitter or via RSS. [email protected]