You can already preorder a 24-karat-gold iPhone 6

It's still months until the iPhone 6 is expected to launch, but luxury accessory maker Brikk has put its $4,500 — or more — gold and platinum versions up for preorder.

This 24K gold iPhone 6 with diamond-encrusted logo will set you back $8,400.Brikk

Anyone who has attempted to preorder an iPhone knows the hassle of either waiting in a long line at an Apple store or staying up till some ungodly hour to catch the online preorder window.

Apple is expected to launch its next smartphone, the iPhone 6, in the coming months. So what if I told you you could order the iPhone 6 today? It turns out you can, sort of.

Luxury retailer Brikk has put its Lux line of gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 6 up for preorder on its site. Customers can order either a black or white iPhone 6 finished in 24-karat yellow or pink gold. A pure-platinum version is also available.

If you're really flush with cash, you can even have Brikk cover the Apple logo with 1.08 carats worth of diamonds. The lineup of Lux iPhones will set you back $4,495 to $8,795, and will be available about a month after the iPhone 6 goes on sale through Apple and other retailers. This gives the retailer time to put in a mass order of iPhone 6 units from Apple and customize them to your order.

The Lux page notes that Brikk's versions of the iPhone 6 are built on a 4.7-inch display with 128GB of on-board storage. If true, the iPhone 6 will not only be the largest iPhone yet (as expected), it will also be the first time there has been 128GB of storage in an iPhone model. This seems plausible, but until there's confirmation from Apple, it's best to take these rumors with a grain of salt — or a karat of gold, as the case may be.

(Via Gizmodiva)