The options are overwhelming. (Screengrab: via Amazon)

The options are overwhelming. (Screengrab: via Amazon)

While it's hard to miss Amazon while they're flying drones around the Space Needle and building a 10,000 strong robot army, we would't blame you if you've been too captivated by Netflix to care that Amazon has a ton of content available for instant streaming.

In what we assume is a tactic to bring some avid streamers to Amazon Instant Video, the company is offering Prime customers Instant Video credits in exchange for a little more time to deliver their packages.

Now, if Prime customers don't mind waiting 5-7 days, they can receive a $1 credit to be used to purchase or rent anything on Amazon's Instant Video site or app.

Betabeat first noticed this last night while ordering — you guessed it — a book of literature-inspired cocktail recipes. Because of our minimal experience with Amazon streaming, we conducted a small investigation to see if the newest shipping option is worth the wait.

We found that new release movies such as Noah and Transcendence can be rented for as little as $3.99 or purchased for $12.99. Episodes of popular TV shows such as The Sopranos and The Wire can be rented for $1.99 each.

Since it only takes two orders to garner the credits for an episode of a TV show, the new shipping option isn't half bad for Amazon addicts who don't mind the wait.

Betabeat, however, stuck with the two-day shipping we all know and love as to not encourage our online shopping habits.