What do Beyoncé, The Smurfs 2, and you have in common? All three have the theoretical ability to rent out the Louvre. Though there was widespread awe that the Carters' video for "Apeshit" took place inside the most famous museum in the world, turns out, it's actually not all that uncommon.

According to the New York Times, about 500 shoots take place at the Louvre each year, which have included films on opposite ends of the "is this a good movie" spectrum, from last year's Wonder Woman to 2013's The Smurfs 2, which even the Louvre couldn't save from its 13 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating. Though the museum only allows photography in the galleries for private use, it makes exceptions for professionals through written authorization.

As of 2015, the Louvre's policy states that to shoot a short film or music video, the cost for both interior and exterior shots would be just €4,500, or about $5,200. It's possible that if the Carters had a crew of more than 50 people, that number would have been closer to €18,000, but as the Times notes, "there are hotel rooms here that cost more than that."

Hosting private events, however, will cost you a bit more. A tour for under 50 guests will set you back €10,000, while renting out the reception hall beneath I.M. Pei's pyramid will cost, at the very least, €28,000. Though, to reiterate, that isn't an amount at which anyone would gasp, "Mon dieu!"

Lorde, I have an idea for you about where to film your video for "The Louvre." Call me!

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