Lat Ware pauses to straighten his jacket and organize his chaotic mind. For Ware, who has attention deficit disorder, standing in the halls of a gaming conference as people rush by can feel like being in a hurricane of humanity.

He takes a deep breath before he steps up to a passerby to pose the question he has already asked at least 100 times today.

"Excuse me," Ware says. "Would you like to throw trucks with your mind?"

The target's face goes through a range of expressions, trying to formulate the appropriate response to the fantastical offer before settling on an uncertain reply.

"Um, suuuuuure…" says Natalia Veselova, who has come from Russia to attend the Game Developers Conference in March.

The moderator introduced Ware by saying that "Throw Trucks With Your Mind" may be "the greatest name of a company I've ever heard."

Ware talked about his experience with neurofeedback therapy as a teenager, and said the game has helped fulfill a fantasy. "I saw 'Star Wars' when I was 6," he said. "And I wanted to be Jedi Knight ever since."